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Excursions in the area

As mentioned earlier, there is a lot to do in the area. In addition to the nice villages, markets and flea markets, the area is also really beautiful! Our hotel is located in the middle of the Vallée de l'Alagnon, on the river l'Alagnon of the same name. Here you can swim, fish (it is not called the salmon river for nothing) but also enjoy beautiful walking or cycling (various cycle routes available at the hotel reception). Below is a selection of what you can do in the area in addition to the previously highlighted outings.

Parc animalier d'Auvergne

A stay with a view! You can safely say that at many of the beautiful accommodations of Parc Animalier d'Auvergne. A beautiful zoo on a mountain, where you can view the animals with a beautiful view. Take the train up and walk down, or take a long walk up the mountain. Anyway, this zoo is definitely worth a visit!


In the beautiful village is the former Saint-André Abbey, a women's monastery founded in 1057. Of the abbey, the Romanesque abbey church with its hexagonal tower, cloister and dining hall. In that dining room is a late 12th-century fresco depicting a blessing Christ surrounded by Mary and the apostles. The abbey was eventually closed after the French revolution.

The village was originally called Comps but was renamed after the Abbey of Lavaudieu ("la vallée de Dieu" or "The Valley of God")

Église abbatiale Saint-André
Chateau Bosbomparent

Chateau Bosbomparent

If you are on your way to beautiful Lavaudieu, you can immediately make a stop at Chateau Bosbomparent. 

The Bosbomparent Castle was built between the 13th and 15th centuries. The castle fell into disrepair in the 19th century before being burnt down and abandoned until 1976. The building includes a main house flanked by a stair tower overlooking the courtyard and a large corner tower. The house is connected by a fence to a tall, almost blind square tower. It is a living witness of the heritage of Brivadois, located in a protected environment, at an altitude of 680 meters. 

Take a tour and climb into the dungeon from June 20 to August 13, Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to noon and 2:30pm to 5:30pm.

Cascade de La Terrisse


There is beautiful nature in the area. One of those beautiful natural phenomena is a waterfall.


There are several waterfalls in the area, but we think this one is the most beautiful. 

You can park nearby, the walk there is easy, but the main reason we like it so much; there is hardly anyone there. It is not a major tourist attraction, so you can often enjoy the beautiful waterfall, which is more than 20 meters high, all by yourself.


Definitely worth a visit if you love nature!

Velorail du cézallier

Vélorail Du Cézallier


A lot of fun to do! Cycling on an old railway line! Various routes are offered, ranging from 6 to 24 km, and it is also possible to reserve pedal assistance (we certainly would!)

You can enjoy the beautiful surroundings in a very nice way, and here you can also make a stop at a beautiful waterfall; Cascade des Veyrines. 

The railway has a rich history and beautiful surroundings. We think it is highly recommended!

Le lioran l'ete

Le Lioran


Le Lioran is beautiful in summer and winter! This versatile mountain is just a 40-minute drive away!

In the summer you can follow a bike course and go over the volcanoes on the zipline at almost 120 km/h. Or for slightly quieter activities; walking and having a good meal or enjoying the sun. 

In winter you can enjoy skiing here. With 43 km of slopes at a maximum altitude of 1855 meters, there is plenty to ski. This relatively unknown ski area offers many possibilities. It is a quiet area, with plenty of dining options, but above all affordable!

With the many green, blue and red slopes, there is something for everyone, and the ski schools are also well aimed at families!

In short, fun guaranteed. 

During the ski season we offer affordable options to book half board with us. Ask about the possibilities, or keep an eye on the website!

Le lioran l'hiver
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